《Paint Club : 高雅婷x 謝牧岐雙個展》


2011 年獲台北國際藝術博覽會新人推薦,並於同年獲得美國佛蒙特藝術中心駐村獎 學金。近年陸續發表個人創作及策劃聯合展覽活動 ; 2009 年的「21 世紀少年 – 遊牧 座標」、2011 年的「大風景地 – 暫時這樣」、2012 年的「零度平面」。2013 年個展「桃 樂絲墜落」獲台新藝術獎提名。作品亦受國立臺灣美術館典藏。

In 2011, Kao was selected for “MADE IN TAIWAN –YOUNG ARTIST DISCOVERY” program, which is a part of ART TAIPEI. In the same year, she won the Freemen Fellowship from Vermont Studio Center in the US. Since 2009, Kao has been working as a practicing artist as well as curating exhibitions with other artists. In 2013 Kao’s solo exhibition “Dorothy Crash“ was nominated by Taishin Arts Award. Her work is collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.