About Polymer Art Space
Polymer Art Space is funded, operated and managed by a group of artists, filmmakers, musicians and other creative types. Opened to the public in 2013, the factory was originally a textile factory that had been vacant for years. A dozen or so artists chipped in, invested time and effort to build everything from scratch, transforming a vast, run-down space into an artists’ village composed of 20 studios from 20 to 150 meters square, a nearly 600 square meters exhibition space, a 150 square meters communal kitchen and lounge area as well as a massive rooftop open for all kinds of activities and uses. The majority of the tenants are 30-something young artists and administrative decisions are mostly made by a team of core members.
Polymer is an established artist run space without corporate or governmental sponsorship, as well as an emphasis on collaboration among people from different fields. Residents at the artists’ village include musicians, theatre performers, newmedia visual and graffiti artists. It’s also a platform for exhibitions, international exchanges and academic discussions. The desire to know and work with each other is the main reason to have a large communal area and regular open studio events. By working on different programs, Polymer encourages visitor participation, too.
There’s a great sense of freedom in Polymer, and we want to maintain it, making it into an experimental lab. The Polymer team is open to anyone wishing to make creative use of the space, and we hope to provide new perspectives in the local contemporary art scene.

空場前身為紡織工廠,在90 年代產業外移之後曾閒置多年,擁有開放的空間和挑高,同時又有方便的貨梯和車道,占地達600 多坪,空場深具後工業風格的城市邊陲地帶非常適合藝術家進駐創作與發表各類型的展演活動。
2013 年在一群藝術創作者的熱情之下,將這個條件絕佳的空間聯合承租下來,一部分根據各自的需求規劃成工作室,一部分開放作為公共空間,根據不同功能屬性規劃成展演空間、辦公室、以及交誼廳等。目前約有20 餘間從6.5 坪到45 坪大小不一的藝術家工作室,200 坪的展示空間以及50坪的交誼廳,是台北市區少數擁有如此空間條件、且由創作者自行發起,獨立經營的藝術家聚落,期望能將原本空無一物的偌大廠房改造為一處充滿在地匯集與對外發散能量的文化生成場域。
4F 露臺空間
3F走廊 (3)
一.搭乘台北捷運,紅線,往淡水、北投方向,捷運唭哩岸站下車,二號出口,右手邊直走五到六分鐘,十字路口(西岸街二段、北投路一段、公館路 、西安街),西安橋左手邊淡黃色建築物即是空場。
3F, No.9, Sec. 1, Beitou Rd. Taipei City
空場初期照片 (3)